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Our knowledgeable staff is here to help. With over 20+ years of combined  experience, we specialize in High Quality, hands-on custom Type C printing, scanning, mounting and, finishing.

Q: What is your typical turnaround time?
A: 48 HOURS.
    RUSH, SAME DAY, and NEXT DAY Services available.
    Contact us for prices and details, subject to work priorities.

Q: How do I upload my files?
A: Go to our Upload page.

Q: Do I need a test proof?
A: We recommend it, especially if you want to do a close color match.

Q: Do I need to convert my files to specific printer profiles?
A: No, our department monitors and printing systems are all carefully
    calibrated and use specialized profiles for all media.

Q: What resolution should I send my files at?
A: 300ppi (also known as DPI).

Q: What is the Optimal resolutions to print on the Epson?
A: 180 to 360ppi, go to our Inkjet Info page.

Q: What is the Optimal resolutions to print on the LightJet?
A: 300ppi

Q: Digital Camera files - sRGB or Adobe RGB?
A: From digital cameras capture with Adobe RGB.

Q: 8-bit or 16-bit?
A: Scan in 16 bit as much as possible; save your photographs in 16 bit as much as possible;
    retouch in 16 bit as much as possible; change to 8 bit mode for the final output and print.

Q: Can you scan large paintings?
A: Yes, go to our Digital Capture page.

Q: What is the best file naming conventions for your workflow?
A: Avoid long names. Underscores or dashes are okay. Don't use periods"." or symbols like: @, #, and ;.
     Example of a good file name would be: MyArt16x20_v2. Example of a bad file name would be:
     My.Art @ 16.25"x20.25" version 2 .

Q: What is the best way to crop my file?
A: Crop your file so that it is proportional to the final size you want.

Q: What other Services do you provide?
A: Click Here for more information.


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