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File specifications: Please deliver images 300 ppi (also known as DPI) at final size. If possible, with Photoshop RGB working space I.e., Adobe RGB, sRGB, or ProPhoto RGB, etc.  

*Prices effective 2010, Contact us for promotions or special pricing.

*COMPUTER TIME $120.00 Per Hour -1/4 hour increments

Digital Retouching:
We can remove elements, manipulate, and clean up images for that flawless look. 

Merging Panoramic Large images:
We can combine your separate pano images into one seamless view.

Color Correct:
We have color profiles and calibrated monitors to get the ultimate color output for your job.

If you shoot with a DSLR we prefer RAW (DNG) files. If you shoot with a regular digital camera, save them in the highest format it will allow you (TIFF or JPG). If you create your work in Photoshop, save them to size as PSDs or TIFFS. If your olriginal work was JPG, that's fine,  will  optimized it for the best possible output.

We work directly with photographers in our digital studio converting their Camera RAW files into usable TIF/PSD/JPG output files. We've successfully printed 36"x48" from 6MP RAW captures.

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