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Work Process

Working one-on-one with clients, John Weldon's team begins each new project with a fresh open-minded approach that is both investigative and curious:

Says John Weldon, “Understanding a client's needs—how a photograph is to be framed, displayed and lit; expression and emphasis of color, tonal range and detail; packing, shipping and time restraints—is paramount to beginning any project, and also gives us essential answers to the approach and materials necessary for a successful completion of the project.

A Lightjet color print on FujiFlex creates a unique emotional response in the viewer. The same can be said of a black and white on fiber-based paper. The beauty of both prints, regardless of paper or process, is created in the details.”

Our job here at Weldon Color Lab is to provide technical skills and artistic ability to produce the look and feel you desire in your photographic print. In addition to that basic but important task, we will seek every opportunity to create an end product that exceeds your expectations.


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